Friday, 7 March 2014


Blazer - ASOS | Shirt - Topshop | Pants - Vero Moda | Shoes - Zara | Bag - Local Boutique |         Ring - Colaba | Watch - Michael Kors | Sunglasses - Tom Ford | On my lips - MAC Ruby Woo 

Neutrals are those colors which form the building blocks of your wardrobe. They are very much trend-proof and flexible.
Basic neutral colours are black, grey, white, navy blue, brown, beige including hues and different shades of these colours.

Neutrals does not mean dull colors.Yes ladies lack of colour does not mean lack of style.As I said previously neutrals are the building blocks and most of the time we use neutrals to build our outfits.But constructing an outfit with neutrals only thats exactly what I have tried to create here, a very simple outfit with neutrals alone.

Black is such a classic colour and looks good on everyone.Those black skinnies, jeggings everyone will agree are you most versatile piece.

White another very versatile colour. Pair it with bright, neon, neutral tops or bottoms and it will look good with everything.

Beige now this colour is my personal favourite.I have already styled this colour in two different outfits here and here with totally different colour palette.

Adding a chunky necklace or bright coloured shoes is an interesting way to add some colour to a neutral outfit.

This here is my take on neutral colour blocking.

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  1. Red dem. lookin grt

  2. Loved those round sunglasses.u carry dem so effortless

    1. Thnks Deepti..dey have been my fav lately

  3. Hey Nikita...I am so surprised I did not come across your blog earlier..considering the amount of time I spend online stalking pretty girls with a great sense of style and individuality ;)
    Now that I finally did land here thanks to your lovely comment on my blog..I am awe are such a gorgeous girl with style to match...perfect combination I say!!
    And you seem like a shoe lover just like shoe obsessed me :)
    Thank u for taking the time to stop will surely be seeing more of me here..
    following you via bloglovin..
    loads of love

    1. Thnks a lot u made my day.. So nice of u.Feels so grt to get such appreciation from a fellow blogger.thank u so much.Following u too

  4. Nice look pretty. Love your shoes!
    Kiss from Italy.