Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Fashionlivre and Maybelline Popular Trendsetter

If you guys have seen my recent posts on Instagram and Facebook you must have seen this beautiful Maybelline Insta Glam Box Wedding Edition which I received for winning the Popular Trendsetter title of Fashionlivre and Maybelline India Summer Contest.

The Maybelline Insta Glam Box Wedding Edition

After a little research and going through many beauty blogs looking at the excitement and good reviews about this box I thought of reviewing it.Maybelline India periodically comes up with these boxes before this it was the Christmas box then the Valentine Box.They launched these Instaglam Wedding boxes around April or May I guess, right in time for the wedding season.There are 3 versions of these wedding boxes Red, Pink and Coral all comprising 7 products based on the version of the box.

I received the Pink box which has products in various hues of pink and shades which compliment pink.

The contents of the Pink Box are:

Maybelline The Colossal Kajal 12 Hour Smudge Free 

Maybelline Volume Express Hyper Curl Mascara 

Maybelline Color Show Eye Liner 03 – Ocean Blue 

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush – Peachy Sweetie 

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Polish Glam 9 

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eye Shadow – Wine Pink 

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer – Feisty Fuschia 

The packaging is really nice.The box contains 7 products with which you can create both day and night looks.Total price of all the products comes to Rs.2010.But this box comes with a special price of Rs. 1499.Its ideal for gifting someone.

Along with winning this box I had the opportunity to give a interview for the   Fashionlivre Speak section.I thoroughly enjoyed answering the questions.I have posted a few questions of the interview, for the full interview head to FashionLivre

“Fashionlivre Popular Trendsetter,” how does winning the title feel?
Feels great! That’s one really cool title.

What was the inspiration behind “Styllogue”?
My decision to start a blog was not a planned one. After completing my engineering degree and working for almost a year, I wanted to take up something creative without having to give up my job. I used to make fashion outfit sets on Polyvore like a hobby and save them on my phone, not even publish them. After sometime, I realized the content and outfit ideas were share worthy and that is how I ended up starting Styllogue.

Your blog enjoys a very favourable popularity and your looks are always loved by your followers. How does it feel to be a style icon?
It’s a responsibility; at the same time it feels good that you are inspiring people to try new things with fashion.

Your blog recently completed a successful year and you’ve enjoyed a remarkable level of appreciation. To what do you attribute this success?
Of course to my very small team, my close ones who have supported me and my lovely readers and followers who religiously read and follow Styllogue. It’s more than I could’ve ever asked for, feels great to achieve this milestone.
What is the number one fashion and beauty mantra you swear by?
Fashion mantra - when in doubt wear black. Beauty mantra would be - concentrate more on maintaining a healthy skin and body.

You complement your fabulous looks by choosing an equally fabulous location for your photos. How much work does it take to plan and prepare for a photo shoot?
Choosing the location for a post is a pretty difficult task. Even though you get a beautiful location, it’s not necessary it will go well with the outfit. We choose locations keeping in mind the theme of the outfit.

For the full interview head to FashionLivre

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Stacking Statements

How to : Stack Statement Necklaces

I am very fond of accessories statement necklaces,rings and all other type of accessories.While I have been mostly flaunting statement rings on the blog I am very fond of statement neck pieces also.This post is entirely dedicated towards my love for accessories I would rather say chunky necklaces.
And of course  when stacked silver necklaces are talked about one cannot ignore DylanLex silver necklaces.Even before I was introduced to these dylanlex statement necklaces I was very fond of such type of silver jewellery. Around the globe, this type of jewellery can be found in many cultures Indian, African, Tibetan, Turkish etc each having their distinctive cultural traits in the designs.In India such jewellery is more popular in Gujarati and Rajasthani cultures and also few northern regions.

Here I have layered four necklaces out of which two are DIYs necklaces.I have been working on the two DIY necklaces for more than a month now and have worked really hard on them and that's why this post is very close to my heart. Assembling them did take a lot of time, but finding the right pieces took ages.Both the DIY necklaces are made from anklets and not from necklaces.I found it easier to work with anklets instead of necklaces.I went for Diy necklace because I had this particular design in mind and I didn't  want to compromise on the design and that is the essence of such necklaces.You need to have a specific design in your mind.
I really like this concept of stacked jewellery. Stacking jewellry is a delicate art form.There has to be a symphony of necklaces, uneven necklaces will just look garish and bizarre. Previously I have tried stacked rings and now I am trying my hand at stacked necklaces.Here is a quick crash course on how I have stacked these necklaces.

The base : Decide you base necklace carefully. The base necklace and the second necklace have to be a winner. It does not matter if you layer anything above or below these two necklaces will pave the way for the remaining necklaces.

Necklace 1 : Diy necklace made with anklets.

Necklace 2 : The coin necklace this one is a proper necklace and is borrowed from dear Mom's closet.

Necklace 3 : Diy necklace made from anklets.I have disfigured it so much that no one can tell these were anklets once.

Necklace 4 : Now even though this necklace goes on the top it is not the base necklace its like adding garnish to a dish just to complete the look.Is have altered the length of the chain so that it fits exactly before the base necklace.

One advice I would give for picking up such silver necklaces that is look for detailing on it.The design on the necklaces is what steals the show.While layering alter the lengths in case some necklace is not according to the required length.
So here you have some major stacked statement necklaces.And stack only that many necklaces you are comfortable with because it can get really heavy.The Diy necklaces have turned out better than I had expected and I will keep sharing different combinations with these necklaces on Instagram. 

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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Teal Tale - Part Deux

Shirt - Topshop | Pants - Forever 21 | Bag - Local Boutique | Necklace - Zara | Shoes - Forever 21 | Lipstick - Mac Ruby Woo

This is something new I am trying here.No there is no part deux to the teal tale what I had told you all over here.Sometimes when a piece is a centre of attention in a blog post it becomes a little difficult to reuse it.Hence I thought of doing these mini posts whenever possible in which I will pick a piece which I have already used in a previous post and style it differently.If I have done a polished look then il show you a more casual take on it and vice versa. Its just about generating more outfit ideas.
Here I have paired these pants with a neutral top and to maintain a casual look I have gone minimal on the accessories, just a chain necklace and black bag.Black or a white top are basics they can go with all coloured pants.Other combinations with these teal pants would be red or pastel yellow,Cobalt blue and in prints Red Plaid,leopard print,polka dots, BnW aztec print will look good.So here we go I have given many options in case you have a blazer, dress or a skirt in teal which you need to pair or layer you can keep in mind these combinations. 

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